Four militarized police members and helicopter in the background, with red X overlaid to represent stopping biased targeting and surveillance

Stop racially-biased surveillance and targeting by the Manhattan District Attorney

Nobody should be prosecuted for crimes they didn’t commit, with little evidence, through guilt by association—yet that’s exactly what the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has done for years with discriminatory targeting, surveillance, and gang prosecutions.

Using these methods, the Manhattan DA rounds up hundreds of youths, the vast majority of whom are Black or Latinx, based on nebulous factors such as social media posts or social cliques. These teenagers are targeted by law enforcement, surveilled by the District Attorney, and ultimately imprisoned and punished for no actions of their own.

In 2014, for instance, the Manhattan DA worked with the New York Police Department to arrest 103 Black and Latinx teenagers in Harlem. It was the largest gang prosecution in New York City’s history, but only until the arrests of the “Bronx 120” two years later.

This system of prosecution has become so common that the Manhattan DA has even built an extensive database tracking thousands of alleged gang members. 

Nothing about this system of surveillance is fair, just, or equitable. We need to put a stop to the discriminatory targeting of Black and Latinx communities in New York.

Join me in calling on the next Manhattan District Attorney to end discriminatory targeting, shut down the gang database, and stop the criminalization of Black and Latinx communities.

Discriminatory targeting must end

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