NYPD leaders who just endorsed Trump — RESIGN NOW!

NYPD SBA rally at which union leader Pat Lynch endorsed Donald Trump. Foreground: Pat Lynch with Donald Trump, Trump supporters in red hats. Background: "Cops for Trump" sign.

“[Donald Trump] earned this endorsement, and I’m proud to give it,” said New York Police Department union leader Pat Lynch.

His union just endorsed TRUMP for re-election LAST MONTH.

Another NYPD union leader, Ed Mullins, appeared on FOX News in July with a mug supporting pro-Trump conspiracy theories designed to keep racism in the White House.

They’re not alone. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, a registered Repulican, has refused to repudiate Donald Trump’s hate and instead doubled down on defending NYPD’s violent abuses of power. Shea himself has a record of misconduct that includes 3 substantiated complaints.

As a member of the New York Assembly, I’ve been fighting to stop Trump and reform the NYPD for years. This summer, I helped repeal 50-a--the worst police secrecy law in the country that shielded NYPD from accountability. I’ve fought for criminal justice reforms like deleting NYPD’s racist DNA database. I repealed the gravity knife ban, which disproportionately targeted Black and Latine New Yorkers. 

That’s how I know that abuse of power starts at the top. With Lynch, Mullins, and Shea in power, NYPD’s corruption will never stop. They support Trump because they know he’ll uphold the status quo at all costs and ignore police abuse. He’s even encouraged it before. 

I’m calling on Pat Lynch, Ed Mullins, and Dermot Shea to resign TODAY. And if they won’t leave voluntarily, our Mayor needs to reject their racism and finally fire Dermot Shea.


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