Prosecuting Cyber Crime

More and more New Yorkers, especially our most vulnerable communities, are being victimized by varying types of cybercrime, such as phishing emails, cyber stalking, spoofed and stolen identities, and theft of money and property. 

These real victims are not receiving the help they need. Instead of helping working families and our most vulnerable communities, our current Manhattan District Attorney has chosen to ignore their concerns in favor of other cases. Nationally, it’s estimated that only 1% of cybercrimes are ever prosecuted.

Dan’s office will be different. He will ensure that all New Yorkers and small businesses who fall victim to cybercrime receive the support and help that they deserve.

Dan's Record
  • In 2016, Dan co-sponsored legislation to double fines for abusive telemarketers and spam calls, which often harm older New Yorkers.
  • Dan has proposed banning “geofence warrants,” which law enforcement has used to surveil protestors and communities of color.
  • For years, Dan has supported holding cyberstalkers and cyberbullies accountable for their behavior.
Dan's Plans

Too many New Yorkers are silent victims of cybercrime. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have been operating without consequence because of a lack of attention, ability and resources from law enforcement. Our current Manhattan District Attorney has chosen to focus his efforts on prosecuting high-profile cases while abandoning everyday New Yorkers who are the most vulnerable victims.

Too many New Yorkers are silent victims of cybercrime. Dan will make sure that all New Yorkers who fall victim to cybercrime have the chance to get the help they need by: 

  • Reallocating resources and focus to investigate and prosecute everyday cybercrime.
  • Creating a special initiative to assist small businesses being harmed by cybercrime.
  • Ensuring cybercrime is reported with new intake efforts.
  • Working more closely with federal agencies on information-sharing and coordination.
  • Working more closely with the private sector, encouraging privacy-conscious information-sharing on cyber activity such as deepfakes, “revenge porn,” and live-streamed crime.

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