Decriminalizing Sex Work

Dan will decline to prosecute sex work between consenting adults. Sex work is work, and criminalization endangers sex workers by exposing them to police violence. Historically, law enforcement and especially the NYPD Vice Squad, has harassed, assaulted, exploited, and preyed upon sex workers.

Dan's Record
  • Dan was an original co-sponsor of the bills to decriminalize sex work and to repeal the “walking while trans” ban.
  • Dan also called for the investigation and disbandment of NYPD Vice, an NYPD division that’s been repeatedly exposed for exploitative behavior like sexual abuse.
Dan's Plans
  • Dan will not prosecute sex work.
  • Dan will not issue warrants related to sex work.
  • Dan will work on the right of expungement, which would remove sex work convictions from people’s records.

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