Ending Surveillance Based Gang Prosecutions

The NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office use racist and discriminatory “gang databases” that stamp people as “gang members” using loose criteria like social media posts, scars, tattoos, and the use of gang “colors”. Surveillance-based gang prosecutions pursued by the current District Attorney’s office overwhelmingly target Black teens and communities of color and leave permanent marks on the lives of those unfairly targeted.

As Manhattan District Attorney, Dan will shut down this racist gang database, stop using the gang alert system, and immediately cancel all of the office’s contracts with Palantir. Rather than enforcing guilt by association, Dan will ensure that prosecutions are based on facts and that individuals are treated fairly and he will never pursue surveillance-based gang prosecutions or gang conspiracy charges.

Dan's Record

Dan has been a leader on racial justice and calling for reform of law enforcement:

  • He’s been calling out the Manhattan District Attorney’s racist gang database since at least 2018.
  • He’s spoken out against the NYPD’s separate, racist gang database.
  • He’s called for police reforms and for the Manhattan DA’s office to release its secret list of cops who’ve lied in court.
  • He’s led the charge in repealing laws in New York State that overwhelmingly affected Black and brown New Yorkers.
Dan's Plans

Under our current Manhattan District Attorney, young Black and brown Manhattanites are criminalized through invasive surveillance and subject to racist gang prosecutions. The office makes unfounded assumptions about gang membership based on someone’s friends or their social media posts. Data collected from this surveillance is then stored in the DA’s gang database and used to pursue “surveillance-based gang prosecutions” that primarily target youth of color.

Dan will end that system if elected District Attorney. As DA, he will:

  • Shut down the Manhattan DA’s racist gang database and stop using the racist gang alert system.
  • Immediately cancel all contracts with Palantir, the surveillance technology company that powers the gang database.
  • Never pursue discriminatory gang conspiracy charges.
  • Ensure that plea bargain and charging decisions are based on the facts, not discriminatory assumptions based on surveillance of defendants’ lives and social media.

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