Addressing Gun Violence

We cannot keep Manhattan safe without addressing the recent rise of gun violence in our city. Under Dan’s leadership, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will prosecute gun violence with vigor. He will also invest in wraparound services, partner with community organizations, and deliver justice and resources to victims of gun violence.

Additionally, Dan knows that charges and prosecutions do not address the underlying causes of the ongoing rise in gun violence. To address the root causes of this violence, Dan will support public health solutions, including heavy investments in community-based violence prevention programs that have been proven to work.

Dan's Record
  • Dan co-sponsored the NY Safe Act, which enacted the strongest gun regulations in the country across New York State with stricter permitting regulations and restrictions on high-volume magazines.
  • For the past decade, Dan has stood with advocates to push for universal background checks, the assault weapons ban, ammunition sales limitations, and more safety regulations.
Dan's Plans

As District Attorney, Dan will:

  • Work with DAs from neighboring states on the trafficking of guns into New York City to stem the influx of guns into our city from other states.
  • Police need to have better clearance rates for felonies involving guns. Dan will work with the local precincts if they need assistance and resources to solve crimes where guns are involved. 
  • Dan will create a gun violence task force, similar to the Gun Violence Suppression Bureau that Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez created, dedicated to combating gun violence and offering diversion programs where appropriate.

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