Hate Crimes & White Supremacy

Dan Quart will not tolerate hate crimes or white supremacy in Manhattan. 

In New York City, there was a 10% increase in hate crimes against Black Americans and a 1,900% increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans in 2020. In 2019, antisemitic violence hit an all-time high. We must face the reality that in a post-Trump New York City, we need a DA who stands up to hate and bigotry. Not only can hate crimes cause physical harm, they also often cause lasting psychological harm to victims and make entire communities feel unsafe. 

We all have a role to play in standing up to hate and keeping our neighbors safe. As Manhattan District Attorney, Dan will protect marginalized groups and prosecute white supremacy and other hate groups. 

Dan's Record

Dan has always stood up against hate:

  • In the Assembly, he voted to include gender identity under the hate crime statute and supported the creation of New York City’s office to prevent hate crime. 
  • He spoke out when the Proud Boys received plea deals from the current District Attorney after attacking New Yorkers. 
  • When antisemitic graffiti appeared in an Asphalt Green locker room, Dan rallied against hate with other leaders in Manhattan.
Dan's Plans

As District Attorney, Dan will hold white supremacists accountable by:

  • Fully investigating hate crimes and hate groups.
  • Fitting with his commitment to decarceration, Dan will prioritize restorative justice and other avenues of justice above incarceration. 
  • Collecting and releasing data on hate crimes to be transparent on the nature and magnitude of hate violence. 
  • Dan will also take into account the wishes and preferences of the victims when making decisions on these cases.

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