Police Accountability

Law enforcement has a long legacy of abusing their power and using excessive force against Black and brown communities, instead of keeping them safe. Dan Quart knows that public safety is police accountability—as Manhattan District Attorney, Dan will hold the NYPD accountable when officers misuse or abuse their power. Dan has been a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform his entire career, and he will continue to do so as District Attorney.

Dan's Record

As a legislator, Dan has been on the front lines fighting for criminal justice reform to undo harm:

  • He fought to require police officers to report when they fire their weapons, he was an outspoken opponent of Stop and Frisk in New York, and he led the repeal of 50-a, one of the worst transparency laws in the country that allowed police to hide their personnel records. 
  • After finding out that New York City’s District Attorneys maintain a secret list of police officers with credibility issues, Dan built a coalition and led the campaign to pressure Cy Vance to release this list.
  • Dan was horrified at the behavior of the NYPD during the protests last summer and worked with the National Lawyers Guild to ensure that legal and medical observers would be able to safely attend protests. Despite written confirmation of this policy, the NYPD still arrested many of these workers. As District Attorney, Dan would not prosecute peaceful protestors; instead, he would examine the police practices for brutality and illegal conduct.
  • Dan fought alongside then-Public Advocate Tish James to force the NYPD to release police officer body cam footage.
Dan's Plans
  • Public safety is police accountability. Dan recognizes that there is a conflict between the District Attorney’s office and the NYPD which is why he will seek an independent counsel to investigate police-involved shootings. 
  • Dan will prosecute police officers who lie, file false records and engage in excessive force or violence.
  • Dan will publicly disclose the names of police officers proven to be untrustworthy or lacking credibility, like he called on Cy Vance to do over 2 years ago.
  • As District Attorney, Dan will not be deferential to police unions or the NYPD.
  • Dan will advocate for police reforms in New York City and in Albany.

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