Protecting Animals

As District Attorney, Dan Quart will prioritize the humane treatment of animals. This focus is important because not only do animals’ lives have value in and of themselves but animal abuse can also be a warning sign for abuse of humans. Building a more just Manhattan requires treating the world around us with care, which includes animals. Dan believes that it is both smart policy and a moral requirement for us to demonstrate compassion toward animals.

Animal abuse has no place in our society and as Manhattan’s next District Attorney, Dan will be a champion for animals and solutions that make our city more sustainable. As an Assembly member Dan has ten year voting record for bills that prevent animal cruelty including legislation that banned cat de-clawing in New York, a cruel and unnecessary procedure. Beyond his plans for the office (outlined below) Dan will use his platform to advocate for the humane treatment of animals in everything from our food systems to our fashion industry. He will also work to educate Manhattanites about how they can play a role in building a city free of animal abuses. 

Dan's Plans

As District Attorney, Dan will:

  • Creating a robust and proactive animal protection or animal cruelty unit staffed with experienced lawyers, investigators and animal advocates who can utitlize the penal code and other laws to hold individuals and entities who harm animals accountable, and offer education and services whenever appropriate. 
  • Enforce regulations on breeders and pet stores to the fullest extent possible. 
  • Use sections of the agriculture and markets, public health, environmental, and conspiracy laws to prosecute corporations that abuse or falsely advertise their treatment of animals. Dan will also partner with the Commissioner of Agriculture to refer instances of misleading marketing by food and beverage companies and ensure they are aggressively pursued. 
  • Work to address the root causes of animal cruelty. Individuals engaging in these behaviors ought to be held accountable, but more importantly Dan will ensure we are addressing the root causes for these behaviors. If education or services are more appropriate, that’s the path his office will pursue, but if prosecution is necessary, then they will prosecute.
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