Sex Crimes & Gender Justice

Every survivor of sexual assault or abuse deserves justice. Yet our current Manhattan District Attorney has let powerful and wealthy (and white) abusers off the hook for years, like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The current office has enabled and enforced a two-tiered justice system that protects the rich from accountability and doesn’t protect the rest of us from anything. 

Manhattan needs a progressive DA who has a track record of fighting for equal justice for all. It’s unacceptable to that our current system also routinely protects the wealthy and powerful criminals, particularly in matters of sexual assault. As District Attorney, Dan will implement structural reforms to ensure that every sexual assault survivor receives justice, and that the rich and powerful cannot exploit the system to secure a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Dan's Record
  • Dan has called out the NYPD for systematically underreporting rapes in NYC for years.
  • He’s supported a legislative staff union to protect staffers from abuse.
  • As early as 2018, Dan was calling for hearings in the New York State Assembly on sexual harassment.
  • Dan supported the ‘Rape is Rape’ bill to ensure that all forced sexual contact could be classified as rape, allowing every victim to achieve justice.
  • Dan was one of the first to speak against the current Manhattan District Attorney’s soft handling of the Harvey Weinstein case.
Dan's Plans

As District Attorney, Dan will overhaul the Manhattan District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit and build an office that centers survivors and their experiences and cannot be corrupted by political or economic interests. He will:

  • Pursue cases when there is evidence a crime has been committed rather than shirking away from powerful or rich abusers.
  • Reinvestigate unindicted sex crimes.
  • Hold institutions that enable sexual assault accountable.
  • Re-staff the Sex Crimes Unit (SCU).
  • Complete an external audit of the office.
  • Implement annual retraining for ADAs.
  • Implement transparent reporting and release key data to hold our office accountable.
  • Encourage people who were victimized as children to step forward.
  • Make plea agreements transparent.

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