Standing Up for Tenants

Dan grew up in subsidized housing and dedicated his career to standing up for tenants' rights-- as a community lawyer, he represented rent-controlled and stabilized tenants on the precipice of eviction. As Manhattan District Attorney, Dan will investigate and prosecute landlords who willfully file false documents, harass tenants or engage in other criminal conduct like theft. 

Dan's Record

Dan has spent his career protecting tenants: 

  • For more than two decades, Dan volunteered as a pro bono attorney with the Legal Aid Society representing tenants facing eviction.
  • Dan helped pass New York’s landmark renter protection laws in 2019.
  • Dan stood up to unscrupulous developers who broke the law.
  • Dan helped create better incentives for upgrading building boilers to stop environmental pollution and improve residents’ health.
Dan's Plans

As District Attorney, Dan will:

  • Hold accountable landlords who willfully file false documents.
  • Investigate and prosecute landlords who engage in criminal conduct like harassment of tenants and theft.

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