Workers' Rights

Dan Quart will investigate and prosecute crimes that steal from hard-working families or make workers unsafe. The Department of Labor estimates that over $1 billion in wages are stolen from New Yorkers every year-- wage-theft takes on many forms, and the victims of this are often immigrants, women, and people of color. All workers deserve to be paid a fair wage and employers who steal from their employees will be held accountable. Dan will also investigate and prosecute employers who knowingly cut corners and put their employees to work in unsafe conditions. 

Dan's Record
  • Dan stood up to large corporations like WeWork that forced workers to work in unsafe conditions during COVID-19.
  • Dan has supported a legislative staff union to help protect staffers in Albany.
  • For more than 10 years, Dan has joined workers and unions like 32BJ to demand that contractors are paid minimum wage.
Dan's Plans

As Manhattan District Attorney, Dan will protect workers by:

  • Building a labor task force staffed with lawyers who have experience in construction and labor law. He’ll grow and elevate talent into leadership roles within the task force, ensuring that it has the expertise required to be most effective. 
  • Dan will meet with a council of labor leaders at least once a month to help identify potential wage theft violations and unsafe practices.

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