Join our fight to restore public safety with Dan Quart.

Shootings are up 178% since 2020. We must end gun violence in Manhattan.

Our communities deserve public safety, but let’s face it: Gun violence in New York City is the highest it’s been in more than a decade, and too many families are being harmed. It’s time to restore public safety and take guns off our streets. What we need is a fair and just law enforcement system that will work to end violent crimes and gun violence. 

As a father, a husband, and a legislator, Dan Quart knows how important it is to keep Manhattanites safe. As a state legislator who passed the strongest gun control regulations in America, Dan Quart is ready to tackle gun violence as Manhattan District Attorney. We need elected officials like Dan Quart, our next Manhattan District Attorney, to do what it takes to maintain public safety and create one fair standard of justice for New York.

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