With one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime behind us, we turn our sights ahead. In just five months, New Yorkers will vote for the next Mayor, Manhattan District Attorney,and 35 seats on City Council. Though many people will come into our community vying for our vote, there are few who have put in the work in the way Dan Quart has. As someone who has known Dan for years, we can tell you he is a man of great character and integrity.

As we know, the struggle for justice extends beyond the presidency all the way down to our local leaders. Now, in Harlem, we are keenly aware of the impact an interaction with a police officer or a prosecutor can have on our community. And so, one office in particular has been on my mind: District Attorney. We need a DA with our community’s best interests at heart.

Dan Quart shows up for our community, and he fights for our community. He hosted forums with the Legal Aid Society about the dangers of the gang database and gave parents a way to find out whether or not their children have been included. And before the COVID-19pandemic, he was constantly in Harlem, listening to our concerns and doing the work on the issues that really matter. But while the pandemic has made it harder to meet with the community, Dan hasn’t stopped fighting for us, be it to hold the police accountable or deliver the relief our families need right now. Dan’s the real deal.

Dan fought to end cash bail before it was popular and it was his legislation that laid the groundwork for the reforms we see today. He’s also introduced bills to prevent and overturn wrongful convictions, fairly compensate exonerees, and end surveillance by law enforcement.

We support Dan because he is a tried-and-true leader who will always be honest about the challenges we face. With young people in the streets protesting police brutality and demanding accountability, Dan has promised to prosecute police officers who plant evidence, perjure themselves, or assault members of the public. He won’t rely on racist tools like the gang database.

It comes down to this: which candidate will work hardest to improve the lives of Black New Yorkers?

We believe that’s Dan Quart.

Harlem Clergy

A message from
Reverend Charles Curtis
Reverend Jo-Ann Owings‍
Reverend Nigel Pearce
Pastor Lisa Jenkins

Reverend Jesse Williams
Bishop Charles Eatman
Reverend Deforest Raphael
Reverend Jose Humphreys
Reverend Carl Washington