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ICYMI: Dan Quart Calls Out Baseless Attack Ads At Manhattan DA Debate

June 19, 2021
Contact: Kate Smart

MANHATTAN - Manhattan district attorney candidate Dan Quart called out baseless attack ads at Thursday's debate that candidate Tali Farhadian Weinstein spent $2 million on. Quart has engaged on both the misleading ad campaign and the substance of handling domestic violence cross complaints since the ads came out and he continued to do so at the debate.

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New York Times: Farhadian Weinstein Is a Lightning Rod in Manhattan D.A. Race’s Lone Debate

One of her opponents, Dan Quart, warned the audience against being deceived by her polish. “Ms. Weinstein’s measured tone should not conceal the true viciousness and lack of truthfulness in her attack,” Mr. Quart said at the debate, referring to an ad and a mailing that he called “disgraceful.”

[...] She has also faced criticism over both a mailing and television advertisement in which she targeted Mr. Bragg and Mr. Quart in ways that they said were racist and preyed on voters’ fears… “Two million dollars she put in to besmirch my reputation, and Alvin’s as well,” Mr. Quart said. Other candidates, including Mr. Quart, argue that when such complaints are left to linger even when both parties agree they should be dismissed, the legal system prolongs government intervention in potentially harmful ways for those who are trying to move on with their lives.

NY1: In final days, one Manhattan DA candidate becomes a target

Quart said: “It’s a negative, deeply vapid, misleading ad attacking me in really disturbing, negative ways. It really shows a campaign with a lack of ideas, a lack of energy.” Quart, a state assemblyman, has seen fellow lawmakers and sexual misconduct survivors come to his defense.

Gothamist: Farhadian Weinstein Fends Off Attacks In Feisty Manhattan DA Debate

The jabs came early for Farhadian Weinstein, with Lang asking Quart if he’d paid more than Farhadian Weinstein in federal income taxes in an early cross-examination round. He said he had.... Quart had also been named in the ads for committing to dismiss cross-complaints when neither party wants to go ahead with the case and for questioning the mandatory arrest law that requires police officers to make an arrest when they’re called to a domestic incident where a felony was committed. “If you want to have a serious policy debate, that’s what she's suggesting, you don't put out negative, disgraceful, mailers and TV commercials, sourced with font size that no one can read,” Quart said. “That's what Ms. Weinstein has done.”...

Wall Street Journal: Tali Farhadian Weinstein Spends Big in Manhattan District Attorney Race

Her campaign recently launched a negative ad that targeted Mr. Bragg and Dan Quart, the only two men in the race, and said they “will not put women’s safety first.”... Mr. Quart said that the ad was a smear and that his policies support survivors “by dismissing cases when both parties don’t want to go forward.”

Gothamist: Farhadian Weinstein Unleashes "Fear-Mongering" Attack Ads On Two Male Rivals For Manhattan DA

A spokesperson for Quart’s campaign, also dismissed the attacks. “Quart’s position on domestic violence is survivor centered, while Farhadian Weinstein’s is paternalistic,” she said.

About Dan Quart: Dan Quart is one of NYC’s top pro bono attorneys and a New York State Assemblymember representing Manhattan’s East Side. A Washington Heights native who grew up in subsidized housing with working-class parents, Dan was raised by a public school teacher and a social worker who taught him the value of public service. Since graduating law school, he has dedicated his career to standing up for tenants' rights and advocating for criminal justice reform.

As Manhattan’s next District Attorney, Dan will fight to end mass incarceration, hold law enforcement accountable for police brutality, and ensure that all Manhattanites feel safe. Learn more at and