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Quart for Manhattan DA Week in Review

May 9, 2021
Contact: Kate Smart

Quart Releases First TV Ad, Focused on Standing Up for Survivors

Quart Shows Strength During First Televised Debate, Makes Case For Both Fairness and Safety

Senator John Liu Endorses Quart at Confucius Plaza

Quart for Manhattan DA Smashes Through 300,000 Direct Voter Contacts

Quart and Assembly Member Harvey Epstein Canvass in LES With Supporters

Quart Joins John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Day of Action in East Harlem

MANHATTAN - This week Quart for Manhattan DA unveiled a powerful television ad focused on Manhattan district attorney candidate Dan Quart’s fight against sexual harassment in Albany, becoming the second campaign to go up on TV. Quart had a strong debate performance on Tuesday, speaking directly to voters about how he would build a fairer and safer city as district attorney.

As the campaign surpassed 300,000 voter contacts, Assembly member Harvey Epstein, who has endorsed Quart, fired up supporters at a canvass launch on the Lower East Side. On Friday, Quart received the endorsement of Senator John Liu. Quart also joined the John Lewis Voting Rights Day of Action on Saturday, speaking about the importance of protecting every American’s right to vote.

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On Monday, Quart for DA unveiled a powerful television ad focused on Quart’s fight against sexual harassment in Albany. “Rhetoric is the easy part of political life,” said Quart. “Accomplishment and fighting in a public way for what you want is the hard part. That’s what I’ve done.”

Watch the full ad here.

Our Town: Quart on Sexual Harassment: ‘It is Critical that Our Leaders in Power be Held Accountable’

In his first television ad, Assembly Member Dan Quart is showcasing the work he’s done to reform sexual harassment laws in Albany, and argues he will be committed to the same kind of fairness and accountability if he’s elected to become Manhattan’s next district attorney.

“So many told us to stay silent, and then we went to Dan Quart,” said Leah Herbert, a sexual assault survivor, who narrated the ad. Herbert talked of her work in founding the Sexual Harassment Working Group – a worker collective launched by seven former New York State legislative employees who experienced, witnessed, or reported sexual harassment by former New York legislators and their staff – and Quart’s leadership in helping to secure public hearings that led to reforms, including lowering the burden of proof for sexual harassment claims from a “severe pervasive” standard to a “less well” standard.

“Having little to gain and a lot to lose, Dan stood his ground for what was right,” Herbert said in a statement. “We advocated for 265 days for those hearings, held many press conferences, and were as loud as possible to get these to happen. Dan joined nearly every one of those press conferences, and was right next to us as we built a coalition of support.”

The timing of the ad – airing in the wake of a sexual harassment claim made against a mayoral frontrunner and several lobbied against the governor – is not a coincidence. Quart said he wanted to highlight his willingness to hold those in power to account should he become the next DA.

On Tuesday, Quart spoke directly to New Yorkers about the issues they care most about: building a fairer system and keeping all Manhattanites safe. From gun violence to hate crimes to police accountability, Quart laid out his vision for a district attorney’s office that voters are excited about.

Quart rejected the notion that a former prosecutor would be able to reform the district attorney’s office in any way, shape or form: “For Democrats out there in Manhattan who are happy with Cy Vance, who want to give him a fourth term, you have five prosecutors to choose from,” said Quart. “It doesn’t matter what’s on their website, it doesn’t matter what they say at this debate, it’s an extension of the prosecutorial mindset that will continue if any of the five of them are elected.”

NY1: In NY1 debate, Manhattan DA candidates clash over having a fairer legal system while making streets safer

State Assemblyman Dan Quart said he wants to tell the truth: “that we can’t solve every societal failure, that we can’t solve every failure of city government and even state government in failing to provide adequate resources by the heavy footprint of the courtroom and incarceration.”

On Friday, Senator Liu endorsed Quart for Manhattan district attorney surrounded by supporters at Confucius Plaza.

NY Daily News: Manhattan DA candidate Dan Quart endorsed by fellow state lawmaker John Liu

State Sen. John Liu (D-Queens) has endorsed state Assemblyman Dan Quart (D-Manhattan), his fellow lawmaker and longtime political ally, in his quest to be the next Manhattan District Attorney.

“For years, I have worked in partnership with Assemblymember Dan Quart on issues of fairness and equity for working people in New York City,” Liu said in a statement to the Daily News on Thursday.

The state senator also commended his legislative colleague for taking a stance against Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, who declined to prosecute several major American banks after the 2008 financial crisis and instead went after Abacus Federal Savings Bank — a Chinatown institution that historically provided financial services to immigrants and other Lower Manhattan residents.

Abacus leaders were found not guilty on fraud charges, but the court battle cost them over $10 million in legal fees.

“[Quart] stood up for Abacus Bank and against the unfair treatment by the Manhattan DA’s office before it was easy or popular,” Liu said. “I am proud to support Dan for District Attorney to ensure a fairer and safer Manhattan.”

Coming off momentum from the NY1 debate, and with their first television ad up, the campaign announced making over 300,000 voter contacts since petitioning ended. Almost one third of these were from in-person canvassing, shown to be the most persuasive kind of voter contact.

“We're building the strongest organizing program of any campaign to bring Dan's message of fairness and safety to voters and it's working, said Quart campaign manager Leslie Joy. “Three weeks ago, our campaign hit 100,000 direct voter contacts. This week, we hit 300,000. Our volunteer team is scaling rapidly, and we're ready to outwork and out-organize any other campaign for the next seven weeks to make Dan Manhattan's next district attorney.”

On Thursday, Quart and Assembly member Epstein launched a volunteer canvass and spoke with voters on the Lower East Side yesterday. Assembly member Epstein, who has endorsed Quart, cited his record of achieving criminal justice reform over the past decade for why Quart is the best candidate for Manhattan district attorney.

Watch the full video here

TapInto: Quart Cites Record of Reform to Lead DA's Office

Assembly Member Dan Quart (D-73) said that anybody running for office, especially to be the next Manhattan District Attorney, can talk about reform, anyone can put it up on their website as a plan of reform of what they would do, but nobody has his record of actually accomplishing reform.

“I’m the one with the actual record of real legislative change on a whole host of issues—of getting rid of predicates that were a continuation of stop and frisk, and other criminal justice reforms,” said Quart. [...]

We interviewed Quart as he was meeting with supporters along Avenue C on the Lower East Side, joined by fellow Assembly Member Harvey Epstein (D-74).

We asked Epstein, out of a field of nine candidates—8 Democrats, 1 Republican—why he was throwing his support behind Quart.

“The District Attorney position is so critical for the state of New York, and I’ve worked with Dan for years, known his commitment for criminal justice reform and know he’s going to be a fighter for the things that I believe in,” said Epstein.

Finally, Quart joined the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Day of Action on Friday.

About Dan Quart: Dan Quart is one of NYC’s top pro bono attorneys and a New York State Assemblymember representing Manhattan’s East Side. A Washington Heights native who grew up in subsidized housing with working-class parents, Dan was raised by a public school teacher and a social worker who taught him the value of public service. Since graduating law school, he has dedicated his career to standing up for tenants' rights and advocating for criminal justice reform.

As Manhattan’s next District Attorney, Dan will fight to end mass incarceration, hold law enforcement accountable for police brutality, and ensure that all Manhattanites feel safe. Learn more at and